Nippon Express Holdings to launch carbon offset transport service for all ocean freight LCL transport


NIPPON EXPRESS HOLDINGS, INC. (President: Satoshi Horikiri), will begin offering a transport service that offsets (*1) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for all ocean freight LCL (less-than-container-load) transport.

To realize its long-term vision of becoming a logistics company with a strong presence in the global market, the NX Group has positioned "addressing climate change" as one of its key issues (materialities) and is working to reduce CO2 emissions in its operations as well as to create products and services that help customers reduce their own emissions of CO2 and other GHGs.

The service to be launched will cover all ocean freight LCL shipments to/from any part of the world for which the NX Group issues B/Ls (*2). The Group will procure carbon credits equal to the amount of GHG emissions unavoidably generated at present by ocean freight LCL transport (*3), enabling the full amount of GHG emissions from ocean freight LCL transport to be offset at no additional cost to the customer. These carbon credits will be selected from projects certified by third-party certification organizations such as Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), and will be procured from projects that not only mitigate global warming but also contribute to better lives for local communities.

The NX Group will continue practicing sustainability management from a long-term perspective to help people live better lives and develop sustainable societies by addressing climate change through its business.

*1 To compensate for GHG emissions by purchasing GHG emission reductions/sequestration (credits) realized elsewhere, or by participating in projects/activities that reduce/sequester GHG emissions at other locations

*2:Bills of lading, including sea waybills, issued solely in the name of Nippon Express

*3: Calculated based on the volume of ocean freight LCL transport from July 1 of the previous year to June 30 of the fiscal year in which the emissions are being offset

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